Clothespin dolls

If you haven't made clothespin dolls before, and you have a little girl, you have to put them on your list. These are so fun to make, even for someone who rarely paints.  "Little Red" above, was inspired by dolls I found on Pinterest. When I put together the clothespin magnets craft for MOPS, these dolls came up in my search and became my obsession this week.

This is the tutorial I followed from dandee. I would re-create, but she did such a great job, that I suggest you go there if you want to make these.

I have one tip: if you plan to make more than one doll - I made a dozen - hang onto your empty egg carton this week.

Cut small holes in the bottom of an overturned egg carton to use as a staging area for your dolls while you are painting them.

Paint your dolls in stages. First paint the faces, then the hair, then the facial features. Paint the clothespin in 2 steps, top first (this is the neck, but barely shows), let dry. Flip the pin, paint on leggings, let dry. This keeps your clothespin from sticking to your table.

Here they are all painted, and dressed for a party.

Another group of dancers dressed in vintage rose fabric.


  1. I'm thinking this may be Tess' 4H demonstration this year! She's got about a month to get it prepared. Hummm...I wonder who could be her audience to see if she's got the presentation down?

    1. Yes - Of course, sign me up!! Let me know if you need help.