Yes, you can paint your feet!

It was such a beautiful day today. Perfect for a long play date with friends that ended in a backyard BBQ. I love the slow speed of warm summer days. The girls stayed busy for hours playing with dolls, and dressing up like princesses. Then I moved the easel outside and they asked to paint their feet, of course I said yes! I sat nearby sipping iced coffee as these two giggled, and painted each others hands and feet. 
A few hours later her brother wanted to come over and play too, he spent the day with us crafting on Friday, and went home with a bag full of his creations - a butterfly, beaded bracelet, dragon painting, clothespin doll (he insisted on making his own), red light/green light stop signs - this boy is so creative. Just give him some paper and glue and he'll craft for hours.
I have found myself so busy with sewing orders, that I haven't been as proactive getting playdates set up for my daughter. This week I aim to change that. Today was such a great day for both of us. We will be doing this more often! I love to share our messy life with friends!

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