Cara Dress Sew Along Part 2

Today I will show you how to make the armhole casing, and bodice. 

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Cara Dress Sew Along Part 1 
Pattern is Cara Pinafore Dress by Farbenmix

Armhole Casing

1. Serge the armhole casings along the longest side
2. Pin the armhole casings right sides together to the small underarm curves of the dress pieces.
3. Stitch, trim, and clip seam allowance, turn and press
4. Topstitch at underarm. Stitch another line 5/8" from this seam to make the casing
5. Insert 1/2" elastic, sew to secure on one end
6. Pull elastic through to the length of about 2 to 4". I made mine 3" for size 2T


Bodice right side, front and back

Bodice lining, front and back

1. Pin and sew bodice to its lining, and stitch from one armhole to the other
2. Turn, clip seam allowance, and press
3. Topstitch around neck and armholes
Bodice top stitched

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