Cara Dress Sew Along Part 3

Today, we'll walk through Gathering the skirt, and sewing it to the bodice.


Sew a gathering stitch along the top edge of the skirt front. I set my machine to the longest stitch length 5. 
Set sewing machine for gathering stitch - longest stitch length, mine is 5
Sew a second line ¼” from first line, leaving long thread tails.

Leave long thread tails for gathering

Pull one of the gathering threads, working from both sides, until the gathers match the width of the front bodice.   

Pin front bodice to skirt, sew, and serge. Repeat for back bodice and skirt

Pin skirt and bodice right sides together and sew

serge seams for a nice finished look

Press skirt seam allowance up towards bodice.

  Topstich bodice

Dress front and back

Sew Skirt front and back together

Lay the Skirt pieces right sides together, stitch and serge the side seams 

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Tomorrow we'll finish the dress.

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