Cara Dress Sew Along

Cara Simple Dress, Farbenmix, size 2T
The Cara Pinafore Dress pattern by Farbenmix has quickly become my new favorite. Its easy to sew, adorable on, and comfortable. Cara took me about 4 hours to make (not skimping on steps or details because that's the way I am, at least for the first run through), I split it out over 5 days:

Day 1: Trace pattern, adding 1/2" seam allowance to everything except the skirt fold- line. Very Important! Learn from my mistake, if you add a seam allowance to the fold line, the skirt will be extra wide, fortunately I caught my own error before sewing.

Day 2: Select fabric, cut, and select buttons. I also had to make an emergency run to the store for cord elastic (which could be replaced altogether with some coordinating 1/4" ribbon). I'll try this next time.

Day 3: Sew armholes and Bodice

Day 4: Gather skirt and sew to bodice. Add Hem strip, and thread cord elastic through casing. Cinch and admire!

Day 5: Buttonholes! Dust off the manual, and make 2 buttonholes.
I use freezer paper to trace my patterns. I buy a big role of it at Costco. After you trace and cut out your patterns, iron it onto your fabric and cut - no need to pin! I usually add a few just in case.

Link to Part 2 of Cara Dress Sew Along

If you would like to purchase the Cara pattern, visit my shop. I'll be posting more patterns in the coming days/weeks. 

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