Fabric Organization

I have been in an organizing mood lately. First it started with my kitchen, then I moved on to my bathrooms, and now i'm going through my fabric! I should have started at fabric, it's a lot more fun to organize. I have a growing collection of fabric, i'm sure like many of you, so I needed a place to go for inspiration... from my own stash. I love a trip to the quilt shop, but to save money, I figured I better start shopping my own stash. Sometimes I only have a yard of something, I don't want to touch it for fear a better project will come along for it. I hold onto my fabric like gold.

Another great purpose for this binder, is kind of a scrap book for fabrics you've used. Sometimes I go searching for another yard of a fabric I used for something, but can't remember the name of it. This handy dandy reference book will keep that from ever happening again... as long as I actually clip that little sample and put in all it's info as soon as it walks through my craft room door.

So, do you want a copy? Well here you go. My first free printable - Fabric Swatches.

Have a fabulous day!


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  1. Super duper awesome way to get inspiration from your own collection. I love this!