I finished a quilt!

At least the quilt top that is! For my quilter friends, you know the real work has just begun! Now begins the quilting and binding. Which is not the easiest for me. But i'll tough my way through it!

I made the quilt in 1 and 1/2 days. I was very focused on finishing it during our ladies craft outing last weekend. No daughter or husband distractions. Just pure crafting fun with 3 ladies who share with me that a weekend spent crafting is a retreat away. No laying out on the beach, and drinking Mai Tai's, nope it's all about meals in, with frozen margarittas and working at our crafts until our fingers, and necks hurt, and we can't keep our eyes open because it's 2 AM! I loved every minute of it.

I love all the bright colors, and fun Hawaiian themed prints. I have held onto this fabric for over 3 years. I bought it during my trip to Maui with my parents and 1 year old (my husband had to work - poor guy). My mom and I went shopping for fabric, while papa stayed back with the baby. Pure bliss, hanging out in a little quilt shop on island. This quilt brings me back there. Back in my working days, Hawaii was part of my sales territory so I traveled their a lot. I miss it, but don't miss all the long weeks gone from home.

What begins as 12, 12x12 squares of fabric, and 24 strips of 1" "grout" is magically transformed into beautiful multi-fabric tiles with grout between them. Just like a stained glass window. The pattern is "Magic Tiles" by Kathleen Bissett.

Hello... my name is Jen, and I am addicted to quilting.

Now off to sew a pillow with all my scraps.

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