First Day of Art Camp: Marble Painting

Monday kicked off our first day of Messy Summer Art Camp at home. Our first project was marble painting. The intent was to roll various balls around in paint and toss them around in our kiddie pool, and see what we come up with.

Well, painting started out like this... paintbrushes, carefully painting the colors of the rainbow on the golf balls.
The girls really enjoyed getting their fingers a little messy, and painting the balls with brushes. They actually insisted on using brushes. I showed them how to roll them around in the pan but the brush was the preferred tool of choice.
It was a perfect day of blue skies & lots of sunshine.
After all the golf balls and wiffle balls were covered in paint, the girls tossed them in the kiddie pool. They all grabbed a side of the pool, and we all shook them around.
This is what we came up with!

My friend, turned her art into teacher appreciation gifts for the girls' last day of preschool. She just chopped up the paper, and put a really cute photo of the girls on it. Cute idea.

Happy Day!


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