Neighborhood Summer Art Camp

Today as I registered my daughter for summer swim lessons and considered how I was going to keep her busy all summer long, I considered signing her up for an art camp at the community center. I hesitated because i've always wanted to do art "class" at my house with neighborhood friends. I started to search the internet for art ideas, and came across Pink and Green mamas blog in a search for summer art camp at home. It took little more than her post on "Mom Would Never Let Me Do This At Home! Outdoor Art Camp Lesson Plan E-book" I was sold. Grab the credit card, $10, so cheap for all those great ideas and I don't have to spend 10 hours over pinteresting the whole idea. So thank you Pink and Green Mama! I don't know you, but I wish I did.

So this afternoon, we grabbed the large Costco size tub of cornstarch we had in our pantry and some gel food colors (which by the way you really should use liquid kind the gel doesn't mix up all that well, but with some elbow grease you'll finally get a liquid paint).... and we made chalkboard paint. Just testing out the new curriculum... and we were desperate for something fun to break up the afternoon fuss fest, and requests for a cartoon.

We had so much fun, and Kaitlyn quickly invited some of the neighbors over to join in on the fun. They were in their Sunday best, and not quite ready for the mess, but mom sent one kid home for an apron, and took another one down to her underwear and let them jump in on the fun. So spontanious and so fun. I love when moms are willing to say yes to a little fun, and break in the routine.

This will definitely be one of the first activities we do to start off our summer camp on Monday.

Within minutes of buying the curriculum I posted the announcement about my camp to my neighborhood facebook page, and all the moms are in! So we're meeting twice a week throughout the month of June for 1 hour.

I'm so excited for this opportunity to get crafty with all the kids in my neighborhood, and start a new tradition.

Here is the curriculum we're using from Pink and Green Mama:
Chalkboard Paint recipe (from Apartment Therapy) we tested out today, and is a project in this camp curriculum. Definitely use liquid food coloring and not gel - the gel doesn't mix up as well for some reason. I loved playing in this goopy stuff, it's crazy what a little cornstarch and water can create. When it dries it's just like chalk and dusts right off. So cool
Cheers to new traditions, and beautiful messes!


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  1. Good, good, good! Makes me wish I had young kids at home again....and the energy that comes with being a young mom instead of a tired gramma!