Painting with Shaving Cream

This was seriously our messiest summer art camp project yet. I was cleaning up this one for hours, so take warning. But the kids LOVED it! The take home paintings weren't all that great, but the memories these kids made will last a lifetime.

Supplies you need:
Shaving Cream
Liquid food colors
shallow pans - 1 for each kid is nice to have
sticks for stirring
cardboard scraps to use as a squeegee
paper card stock

How to make this mess:
  1. Let the kids (if you dare) spray the shaving cream into shallow containers, then smooth it out even with cardboard scraps.
  2. Add food coloring in any color combination they like, then stir with a stick... but not too much so that it creates mud. Yet, this kids didn't care what color they were getting, they just loved the process of the mess.
  3. Press a sheet of card stock down into the pan, lift it away. Then remove excess shaving cream with cardboard.
  4. Let dry, and admire.
  5. Let the mess begin with all the leftover shaving cream

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