Tree House Construction Underway

If your neighborhood is anything like mine, everyone has a little something different to keep the kids entertained. Julie has a gigantic trampoline, Anne has a bouncy house and tree swing, Meme has a play set & hot tub, and we have the wooded hill to climb on, and a sand box. Now we're going to make our backyard even more fun with the addition of a tree house.

 My husband is a Mechanical Engineer, which comes in quite handy for building projects around the house. Once this house is up, nothing will bring it down.

I requested it be a little wonky - no straight walls or roof line. Everything off just a bit. Just like Dr Seuss.
K has been quite the little helper, and loves hanging out with her dad during the build.

Nestled into the hill side. 
A perfect place to play. 
Oh happy, happy day.

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