An Ordinary Morning and where I Found Inspiration

It's another ordinary day, waking up with a preschooler crawling into my bed for cuddles, handing over the iPad to get just a few more minutes of sleep. I wander downstairs in pajamas to a mess in the kitchen needing my attention, after cleaning the dishes and starting a load of laundry, I poor myself a cup of coffee and grab a book for crafty inspiration. My daughter tugs my arm away from my book to color with her. She's set herself up at the kitchen table with colored pencils and a Dora coloring book. She has me carefully tear out my own page from the book "don't tear it mommy". A while later we cook eggs together after a request for runny eggs. I get distracted reading my book, and find myself with an upset little girl because of her overcooked eggs. We press on...

I start reading Happy Stitch by Jodie Rackley. I enjoy reading the intro sections in craft books, reading about the supplies and techniques that the author prefers... it gives you a little glimpse into their process and workspace tools. Jodie's section titled "Personalize It - Creating Stitched Handwriting" discusses how you can use a piece of tissue paper to trace letters or even children's drawings to preserve them. I felt immediately inspired, set the book aside, grabbed my daughters self portrait she made at preschool and traced it onto tissue paper. After backing a piece of white cotton with a light weight interfacing, I pinned my copy of the drawing down and started my very elementary back stitching technique. My daughter even jumped in to help with a few stitches, but my perfection and desire to preserve her work, kept me from letting her willy nilly bring the needle up through the fabric. This is a mom project I thought! I want to make this for her. There are times when I love for her to get involved in my work, and other times I just want a little something for me. I hope she appreciates this little piece of embroidery someday.
Sharing a little of my little ordinary day. I am challenging myself to get a bit more personal on my blog. I fight an internal battle over how personal to get. I was feeling like my blog was missing a little more soul, a little more of my personality. I'm trying to get better and not just show my shop products. I want this to be a place for you to get to know a little more about me and my work and style. And a place for me to journal the ordinary and extraordinary days in my life. If you need a little inspiration to do the same, pick up the latest copy of Artful Blogging and you will feel inspired. I read it cover to cover last night, I couldn't put it down. I found the publication at the book store yesterday when I had a little time to kill between preschool drop off and pickup. I forget what a retreat it is standing in the magazine section of the book store.

I'm being called to read books with my girl, so i'll post this without hesitation.

Enjoying the ordinary in my day,


  1. Such a lovely post! Its so awesome to see how you used this simple technique - I'd love to see your finished piece! Thanks! - Jodie

  2. Hi Jodie!! What an honor to have you find my post. I loved your book!! I finished the embroidery, now I just need to hoop it. I actually just went to your blog and found this great post on DIY Framed Hoop Embroidery. I'll hoop it, and post it. Thanks so much for stopping by!!