Tree House Open for Play

Our summer tree house project is complete and ready for play!

I spent all of Labor Day weekend painting the inside of the house. Kaitlyn selected purple for the walls. When all the purple was up on the wall, I thought it looked way to purple. So I brought out the $1 jars of sample paints that my neighbor had stashed away from his recent painting project. Free paint - nothing better than that to add a little color to the place. I was surprised at how much light the purple actually brings in - it's a cheery color perfect for our dark, wooded backyard hillside.

My husband and I have been dreaming about this little tree house project for years, so we are both excited to see it finally complete! We had no idea it would take us 3 months though. I'm sure we could do it faster without distractions, but we're both easily distracted.

While I was busy painting the inside, my husband built the ladder and steps leading up to the house.

Our house is actually (sadly) built on an old gravel pit, imagine this wooded hillside as a gravel pit years ago! Yuck! Makes for some tough gardening challenges as well. But we can think of no better use for this hillside space then a house for our little princess. We hope it will bring her and her friends many years of fun. We built it to grow with her. Maybe we'll just need a new coat of paint in a few years when she gets tired of the purple.

We do have a few "small" finishing projects to do on the house, like add a swing and possibly a slide. We want to add windows, and maybe a door. A little contrasting trim on the outside would bring out it's crooked shape.

 "There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile, He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile. He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse, and they all lived together in a little crooked house." - Mother Goose

Oh the fun i'll have decorating... I'm dreaming of bunting, and "Girl's Only" sign over the door (even though my daughter did say boys are allowed). A bench seat with removable cushion that will do double duty as a desk. My husband says we'll never really be done - you'd think this was our house :) It certainly is more fun for us building a house for our daughter. It's little and not as much work as ours.
Time for a tea party with my princess. Be back later.


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  1. Love it! It was worth all your effort. Makes me wish I was a kid again.