Let's Cook Together :: Personalized Aprons

One of my very first customers Mrs Bullock, has become a dear friend and awesome repeat customer over the years. She was the first to request custom aprons for her family - Mrs Bullock, Lil Bullock (1) and Lil Bullock (2). We were talking the other day after I delivered her 2 new sizes of aprons for her growing girls. She said that her aprons are stored in a drawer in her kitchen and don't get used as often as she'd like. What? In a drawer? I know right!

Well of course I had something to say about that! I suggested she find a special place to hang them on the wall in her kitchen, and put a little sign over them that says "Let's Cook Together" - because that's how my aprons are displayed in my kitchen. I really didn't think she would take me so seriously, but she apparently loved the idea! She went home that day, and shared this photo with me a few hours later. Awesome Terry! Let me know when the girls first grab their aprons, and say "let's cook mommy". I hope it happens everyday!

Aprons do more than keep the mess of your clothes when cooking, they set the mood for cooking. A special apron for cooking or art, makes children feel that what she is doing is important, that she is a big kid. Whenever my daughter and I wear our aprons to cook together it makes the activity so much more exciting for both of us.  

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