Woodland Trails Peasant Dress

 Today i'm reminiscing over days past, of playing dress-up in my mom’s closet.  I come from a family of 3 sisters, and 4 step-sisters. There was no shortage of girl around home. I remember days of dressing up and playing runway models for my mom, who would watch cheering us on, and telling us all how beautiful we looked.  Today, I find myself reliving that moment with my own daughter.

Here she is, in a newly made dress, and my necklace. She loves to put on my jewelry and shoes just like I did as a little girl. It's so fun to have my own little girl to share those experiences with.  

I made this dress in the late hours of the night, and finished it up during preschool hours. That's often when my sewing gets done. I fell in love with Woodland Tails collection by Sherri McCulley at first sight.  It's out of print now, buy you can still find a few yards on Etsy.

My daughter goes to a nature based preschool, where more than half of her school time is spent wandering the nature trails around school, and investigating all kinds of creatures. Everyday her backpack includes rainpants and a raincoat - that's the pacific northwest for you.

 This fabric is just perfect for my little nature lover. 

Riley Blake Woodland Tails Tossed Animals Green

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