New Tool in my Sewing Room: Brother Scan N Cut

 I was spoiled by my husband on Christmas, he bought me a Brother Scan n Cut!!! I was as excited as my daughter on Christmas morning. I wanted to jump up and down and scream. I had to wait 2 days to get back home to use it, the upside was I had plenty of time to read the manual cover to cover.  My husband is an engineer, and a tool guy, so researching cutting machines for me has been his little side hobby at night for the past several months. He wants to get me a laser cutter, but says this is the next best thing to get me started. Well it certainly did that, and some. I can't stop thinking about all the things I want to cut with it.

I got a few Etsy orders over the weekend, so my first project was to see how the machine would cut fabric. Which it does beautifully. I have been cutting all my letters by hand, so this little machine will save me lots of time.

I cut out the letters for lil sis, using the cutter. First I fused my fabric scraps, then stuck them to the cutting mat. The coolest feature I think of the scan n cut, is that I can use up my scraps. It scanned the position of my fabric on the sheet, and then I was able to move the letters around to position them over the fabric I wanted to use for each letter.  Too easy!

I made gift tags to go with my orders using the Scan n Cut. This project had me up all night last night, playing around with all the options and getting the tag just right. Now it's set and ready for my next order.


It even cut the knit fabric letter L. It had a little trouble with this, but I think using a little thicker fusible interfacing/applique paper will do the trick. The font is standard on the machine. I don't have an embroidery machine, "yet", so all my satin stitching is done by hand on my sewing machine. My husband says i'm on my own for the embroidery machine.

What new fun tools did you get for Christmas?


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