Happy April Fool's Day!

Today I celebrated my 37th birthday! Wow, really? How did that happen. I still feel like i'm 20 (but glad i'm not).

I went out for pizza with my family, but I heard several times during dinner,"are we going to have cake? When are we going to have cake? Mom, we have to get cake! Can we go home and make you a cake?" Apparently, 5 year olds don't get that we don't need birthday cake when we start going grey, and our hips start expanding. By the time we finished our very late dinner, it was 10:00, and I gave in to the cake debate. We went to a higher end grocery store across town, figuring they would have a good cake selection. Well, it was slim pickings, I had my choice of Cake Boss cakes, that were way to pricey for the evening celebration for 3 peeps, or the yellow, blue, or pink Easter cake, topped off with adorable little marshmallow Peeps. The Peeps cake won, when it received shrieks of excitement from little Miss K.  When we got it home, I got to play a little joke on K and Pat, and came out wearing these very fashionable glasses when they sang me happy birthday. I  couldn't see anything but I could hear their laughs, so I know I got 'em good. :) They fit right in with my Peeps cake, wouldn't you say? That cake wasn't too bad!

Happy April Fools Day!


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