T-Shirt Dress & Leggings

My daughter will only wear leggings, and knit dresses these days. She refuses to wear jeans, or anything that doesn't stretch. Who can blame her? So i'm giving in to the fight, and decided to try and recreate her favorite knit dress and leggings. Here are the results of my late night sewing marathon on Saturday night. I went to bed at 1AM, but I couldn't give up until this was hanging on her dresser drawer knob, awaiting her for church in the morning. I think it was a hit, because she shrieked with excitement first thing in the morning "mommy, mommy! I love my new dress!" Yes! Finally something I made that she likes and will wear! I've made her non-knit dresses and she wears them once, so sad. I miss the days of sewing for her when she was a baby and didn't have a choice. So if I can offer a bit of advice for any mom wanting to sew for their daughter... pick their favorite outfit, and make a pattern from it, and sew tons of them. You'll be happy that she's wearing what you make & she will love wearing it!

I used Riley Blake cotton jersey knit for the leggings. I love the color - I went with hot pink. It also comes in aqua, grey, orange, red and navy. I want to buy them all.
For the dress, I chopped the bottom off a white t-shirt, and sewed it to the skirt. Using a method, I can't even explain. It was pretty tricky, involving elastic, folding, and lots of finesse. But the result was well worth it. I'm thinking about re-creating it and writing a tutorial, if anyone is interested.
I bought the polka dot fabric for the dress from JoAnn's. It's part of their children's Doodles collection, it's called twill big dot blue. This fabric is what inspired me to re-create her favorite dress. I love all the polka dots!
Pure sweetness.

Happy stitching!


  1. Jen, that is such a cute dress and leggings! I found a book at JoAnn's (40% off) several months ago and though I have yet to make one of these T-Shirt Dresses for my granddaughters, the ideas are wonderful. Here is a link to the book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1936096498/ref=asc_df_19360964983076966?smid=AVB9VPPZMOOT8&tag=pgmp-1583-97-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395109&creativeASIN=1936096498 It is only $9.59 at Amazon, so that is a great buy. These are pattern-free designs and look very easy. I need to go search for appropriate tank tops and T-shirts. If you would like to borry my book, let me know and I will gladly let you use it. By the way, what is your favorite legging pattern?

    1. Hi Sandy! Thanks so much for the book link, i'm buying it today on Amazon! I love the skirt on the cover. I can't wait to get it to add to my collection. I made my own legging pattern, just copied a good fitting pair of K's leggings, and added an inch because she grows so fast.

  2. Since you can't just click the above link, you will need to go to Amazon and search for "Sew Pretty T-Shirt Dresses" On the cover is a barefoot blond girl in a banner dress with yellow tank top and white skirt with pennants/banner.