Catching up...Enjoying the small moments

Running a small business from home is both rewarding and challenging. Every once in a while I have to sit back and re-evaluate the direction my business is taking, and balancing my work/life schedule. My daughter will be off for summer in a few days, so my work hours are going to change. I've been talking with several of my neighbors who have recently taken on work at home jobs about how they are managing their schedules, and the general consensus has been to get up in the morning several hours before the kids to get as much work done as possible. Then work a few hours at night after they go to bed. Right now I limit my work hours to 4 hours, but in my busiest times I work a full 8 to 10 hour day. Those long days are the most challenging. But, I am not complaining. I love the flexibility that running a sewing business provides. I set my own schedule, get to do what I love, all while getting to spend lots of time with family and friends. I don't miss moments like these - taking off a day to visit the spring fair.

Riding our first fair ride together - the super spinning Spider. Fun!! She was fearless.
Enjoying the spring fair and mile high cotton candy

Sweet moments
This month I took on a huge alterations project for a dance studio. I altered all the costumes for their recital coming up at the end of June. I loved this work! I had so much fun doing a hem here, strap taken up there, or sides taken in there. The costumes were all so different, and fun to work with. Maybe someday they'll ask me to make costumes, now that I could really get into!

costume taken in, and tulle hemmed
I dusted off my Juki, and got to work on these tropical cushions for my friend and interior decorator.
Re-upholstered cushions, complete with piped edges. So lovely.

Sewing piping to a cushion

Here they are ready for relaxing on at the cabin
I created serveral new designs for my Etsy shop. Having lots of fun with my new to me embroidery machine that was gifted to me by my aunt.
Sweet Addie turned 6!

fun new headband I made for a customer

Orders ready for packaging
My favorite tool of all - my Nespresso machine. It's what keeps me going on the long workdays, and early morning working hours. Thank heaven for espresso!

What helps me get through the long days
Some sweet life moments. I take many breaks in my day to get outside and enjoy being with my little love, and friends in the neighborhood.
Flower collection
K's best friend came over for a playdate, and couldn't stop talking about volcano's. So what the heck, let's build one!
Mixing up flour and water to make a volcano. A nice messy moment of a day.
Flower explorations. These are the kinds of piles I find all over my home from my little one.
Enjoy the weeks ahead, I hope to stop in a little more often with updates from around Tangled Threads by Jen.


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