"Sew" full of gratitude

Hi! It's been a great week at Tangled Threads, my Etsy shop was hopping this week. I just finished up this cute line up of bodysuits. Give me an "M", "M", give me an "E", "E", give me an... ok, you get the point! I cannot believe how tremendously well these sweet tops have been selling. My shop has reached it's 245th sale, doubling my sales from last year! It's been an exciting little business. I have loved working with Etsy, they make selling online so easy to get started & offer some really great training if you need it. I can't say enough great things about them. I LOVE Etsy.

I spend about 2 hours a day sewing, printing, and packaging orders for my shop. Not a bad part time job for a stay at home mom. Come September, my daughter will be off to Kindergarten, and while i'm sure I will be in tears, I am also excited to get more time to work on my business, and possibly get back to sewing a little something just for fun. That is one downside of having a sewing business, I rarely get to make anything but the product i'm selling. But I love the time I spend sewing, no matter the outcome. Sewing another ruffle, or appliqueing another letter is just one more opportunity for me to improve my sewing skills. 

I love the rustic look of these ruffles. I run a narrow rolled hem on side, and a 3 thread overlock on the other to keep the ruffles from fraying. Then I run a long basting stitch, and ruffle, ruffle until it fits the width of the bodysuit booty. So stinkin cute! Mix in chevron, and polka dots and how you can go wrong.

The front is pretty cute too. For the last year, I haven't been able to offer full name embroidery, but a few months ago my aunt, graciously gave me her old Brother Pacesetter PE-100. I am limited by the hoop size, and even stitch fonts, but it provides enough to get me started into embroidery. Here's a picture of my new little old beauty. This old machine is soooo easy to use. Maybe one of these days i'll get my hands on more embroidery cartridges for it. Until then, i'm having plenty of fun with this machine.

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