New teaching opportunity

I was asked to give a baby blanket making demonstration for Ladies Night Out at my church coming up on August 20. I will be making a blanket while the women have the option to watch, or make their own on one of the church's sewing machines. I can't wait to dust the old sewing machines off the storage shelves, and get them going again. It's been many years since anyone has taught a class with them at church.

Ladies Night Out is only 2 hours, and this blanket took me about 4 hours from start to finish, so i'll have to do all the cutting beforehand. I might save a few strips to cut up as a demo, to show them rotary cutting techniques. During the class all the ladies will need to do is sew the strips together, then pin them down pillow style to the backing fabric, turn it right side, press and top stitch. Anything not done, will probably have to be finished by me, unless I find a new sewing friend at Ladies Night Out. I sure hope so!

I'll be making a tutorial for the ladies to follow and take home, so i'll post that later in the month.

Hopefully this is the start of many more sewing classes to come!

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