Sewing Therapy to hold back Kindergarten tears

There's a bit of sewing therapy going on here this week. I've been cutting up itty bitty pieces of fabric, and sewing them back together to keep my mind off the fact that my baby will be starting Kindergarten next week. This is all happening way too fast! I am not ready, but she is.

I'm certain that I will be in the office after drop off for the boo hoo party. Yes, that is definitely where I will be. But hey, maybe i'll make a new mom friend that shares the same pain. I've seen lots of silly videos on FB about moms celebrating the day the kids go back to school. I can not relate, I am fighting to hold back the tears here.

We walked to school for the first time last week to meet the teacher and drop off school supplies. Oh my goodness! Shopping for school supplies was so much fun. Who knew picking out pencils and glue was so much fun with a 5 year olds opinion and all. My daughter was totally into it. Great math lesson too, counting all the packages of 3 glue sticks, to add up to the15 total that were on the supply list. I had the most fun with the teachers extras - finding fun colored post it notes, bright colored sharpie markers, and colored duct tape (I wonder what fun craft the kids will be making with that).

I turned in my form to volunteer in class, and am excited to see that several other parents want to help out in the class too. This is starting off to be a great year! We got a first time Kindergarten teacher, but I can already tell we'll like her, because she is super crafty and high energy.

I went home that night and added a Kindergarten section to my home management binder, added the kindergarten handbook, and printed off the school calendar. All the dates of vacations are now marked on my calendar, and i'm feeling more organized to get this year started. Watch out Kindergarten here we come :)

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