Halloween Costume for my Little Princess

This week i've been working on my daughter's Halloween costume, and can you guess what princess she wanted to be - yep, you guessed it Elsa :) Just like every other little girl. I purchased the Elise's Everyday Princess Dress pattern from Create Kids Couture and left a review of it over at Pattern Review here. Overall, I am very happy with the results. Here are a few phone pics, i'll get better photos this weekend.

 The cape is definitely the best part!

I ripped the bodice off the skirt on Monday after my daughter wore the dress for 5 minutes and complained about how scratchy it was. On my first pass, I made the sheer bodice and sleeves out of the same glitter mesh that I used for the cape. It looked very pretty, but I was concerned about it irritating my princess' skin and I should have gone with my instinct on that before I finished the entire dress... but why else do we keep seam rippers around in our sewing rooms if not to use them, right!

The pattern includes a short cape option as well, which I will probably make before we go tricker treating and to all the Halloween birthday themed parties this weekend. So happy I finished this before Friday! Now I have a day left to work on mine.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


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