Crayon Quilt In the works

I've been wanting to make my daughter a quilt for a really, really, really long time. Ok, well she's only 6, but still. This mama wants her little girl to have a mama made quilt! Well by golly she is going to have one and any day now. Tonight as she was cuddled up in the corner of my sewing room watching a movie on my tablet, as I worked on her quilt, she asked me if I could make her quilt for her birthday. And if I could give it to her on her birthday. Well her birthday is just 4 days away! It's on Thursday. I was starting to get tired of working on her quilt until she said that. Suddenly I had a tangible deadline, and one that I really want to hit for her. I worked on her quilt until midnight tonight, and it's all pieced together!! Now I need to head back to the quilt shop to pick out my back fabric, so I can get to quilting it. My first major quilting project on my tiny Bernina. I am determined this time, to actually finish a quilt. I have 2 other quilt tops finished that I have not quilted yet.

Selecting the fabric for her quilt was probably my favorite part of the entire process. I knew that she wanted her quilt to have all the colors of the rainbow (her words), so last weekend I went to work re-organizing my fabric stash by color. After everything was straightened and sorted by color, I had her join me in my sewing room to choose her fabric favorites in each color of the rainbow. We started with reds, working our way to purple, picking 3-4 fabrics in each color. Many of the fabrics I would have never put together on my own, but I just went with it, and it was so much fun. Here are a few pictures of some of the blocks. (Fuzzy photos and all, because they were taken at night).

The kitty fabric is so her! I would have never guessed she wanted to include the purple dragon print fabric though, I made her second pair of jeans when she was 3 using that fabric.
And here it is all pieced together. I will get better pictures than this, but I was too excited to share my progress on my blog... so I have record of this great achievement :)

In case you're curious, the pattern i'm using is "Color Me Crayons" designed by Jocelyn Ueng from It was super fun to piece together.

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