Teaching my 4 year old to Sew

There is no greater joy then teaching your child a skill that you are passionate about. Am I right? Even better is when they actually enjoy it too!

She can load up the bobbin for winding. Pin fabric together. (Especially with bag of M&Ms nearby for energy).

Pull the pins as I sew, she can't reach the pedal yet, (but i'm working on a footstool to help her reach it.)
Oh and stuffing, the best part. Stuffing is usually what ends up in a heaping pile on my sewing room floor as "nests".

 Oh and the pattern by the way if you're interested is "Elsa the Elephant" by Valori Wells.  I found it a quilt shop, but you can also find it online at fabric.com

Have a fun day!

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  1. What a lucky little girl you have!