A Cat Themed 4th Birthday Party

 Come on in and put on your kitty ears and whiskers! (Kitty Ears Tutorial)

My daughter turned 4 recently, and we celebrated kitty cat style because the kid thinks she's a cat. She had a cat cake, pin the tail on the cat game, feed the kitty toss game, and a room fully of kitty cat friends adorned with kitty ears and whiskers, oh and she was wearing a cat dress I made just for the occasion. The kids had a blast making their own cat toys, and playing with balls of yarn - they all acted out the part.

The cat bunting I threw together last minute to add a little more color to the buffet.

Kitty cake made by a good friend of mine at Stellar Cakes.
Cat treats... a fishbowl full of goldfish crackers.

Finger foods. Lots of fruits & veggies in little bites. I also made fish sticks and french fries.

An open invitation to play. Colored rice, cats, pom poms, cups for digging. This was very popular, and resembled confetti after the party, and yes it was all over my floor... but worth it.

 The birthday girl got plenty of time to explore the kitty litter rice table before the party started! This and was the highlight of her afternoon. Meow!
 One more close-up of the kitty litter box.

  Yes, I am 4 and am going to give you my don't take a picture of me face.

Games we played...

Pin the tail on the cat.
Feed the kitty. I had a basket on hand full of balls of yarn, and mice to feed the cat.

My husband drew the cat, and I cut out his mouth with a razor blade, then my little artist painted it.

I had a few crafts on hand for the kids. Some cat and mice coloring sheets. And make your own cat toy - have a supply of fuzzy wire sticks and feathers. 

The rice was popular all night with the under 2 crowd. Kept them very busy.

There's that cat dress I made. Notice the little orange stuffed kitty, came in to help blow out the candles.

Kitty cat favors... what parent doesn't want more sugar after a birthday party full of cake and sweets? I couldn't resist anyways, because they were just so cute. I found these on Parents.com under Cat Themed Party. You can download the template here.

Are you planning a cat party? I would love to hear about it. Leave a comment below.



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  1. I loved your party ideas! The kitty litter rice box made me cringe after scooping our cat box so many times haha. I was inspired by your bean bag toss to make one of my own.