Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

There's a baby coming into my life in a few weeks!! My little sister is having her first baby mid July, and I can hardly wait! We threw a travel themed baby shower for her, and I was in charge of decorations - my favorite! My sister and I created a shared board on Pinterest, and we spent weeks pinning ideas for the shower, and finally settled on hot air balloons. There are so many cute shower ideas on the web, it's easy to get carried away. We kept things pretty simple, with just a few handmade decorations, including a desert table backdrop, diaper cake, party favors, prizes and banners. I'm posting pictures from the day of the shower, mixed in with the makings of the shower.

The centerpiece of the party was the desert table, complete with Maccaroon tower, jars of candies, licorice, and pinwheel suckers. The backdrop is foam board covered with light blue fabric, paper grass clippings along the bottom, with handmade pinwheels. The hot air balloons and clouds were cut on my Brother Scan n Cut. The files came with the machine. The kite banner was also cut on my Scan n Cut.

For the party favors we used travel themed washi tape to decorate little blue and yellow dollar store favor boxes, and made the top of the balloons using paper straws, and mini balloons.
 Party favors in the making, check out that cute little baby bump.

We used small balloons for the tops, and used glue dots to attach little bows to hide the tape we used to attach the balloons to the straws.

I made a few onesies to match the theme, a bicycle, hot air balloon, hang glider, and kite. I covered wooden clothes pins with more of the travel washi tape.

The banner says "Petit Bebe," for little baby in French. I cut the hot air balloons,clouds, letters and Eiffel tower, with my Scan n Cut, these were all standard designs that came with my machine. (This post is not sponsored by Brother by the way, I just love this machine!)

The banner in the making (iPhone snapshot).

Check out my mom and sister hard at work. It was so much fun crafting with these two beautiful ladies.

The diaper cake was a team project. My sister and niece rolled the diapers and tied them off with mini rubberbands and attached them to a square box with large rubberband. My mom made a knit ruffle to cover up the rubber band. And my sister and I made the hearts, and washi tape decorations for the balloon. I really enjoy getting everyone into the making part of the party. My sewing room got pretty messy during the process, with lost scissors, and tools buried under piles of paper clippings. I loved the chaos in my little space.

I had to capture this picture of my mom making the ruffle for the hot air balloon diaper cake. She
can sew very well, but hasn't sat at a machine in over 20 years.

Grandma, my sisters, Aunt (in the back), mom standing next to me.
The adorable parents to be. Congratulations you two! I can't wait to meet the little guy.

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  1. Oh my goodness! These baby shower photos are way too adorable. Entire party looks just blasting. My cousin is also expecting and I want to host baby shower for her but would like to host this bash at some outdoor garden event Venues in NYC. Hoping to find a venue soon.