Coffee Filter Poppy Flowers

I'm excited to start decorating for Valentines Day! Are you? Today, we made these simple flowers from coffee filters. All the supplies you probably have in your own kitchen.
To make these you'll need:
  • Coffee filters
  • Food color, I used red, green, and yellow
  • A few small bowls
Be sure to cover your work area, especially if you have a little helper like I did.

Dilute 8 drops of food color with a few tablespoons of water, in a small bowl.

Crumple up 1 coffee filter and dip it into the bowl. The longer you hold the filter in the liquid the more it will absorb, so experiment. A quick dip is all that's needed because the filter will quickly absorb the liquid and it will move to the top of your flower.

Allow filters to dry for several hours. Group 2 filters together to create a layered look. Enjoy!

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  1. Tess' 4H demonstration on how to make Coffee Filter Flowers was a huge success! She plans to enter some of her flowers in the fair.