Hi there! Continuing on my series on fabric properties, today's post is about surah. I am doing this series to gain more expertise in textiles, and more importantly to help me pick the fabric to use for my new vintage dress pattern Advance 9441.  Here we go, on to surah research…  


Twill-weave silk, rayon or synthetic which is suitable for soft, tailored garments. It is available in solid colors, prints, and plaids, and is often used for neckwear.

McCall’s Sewing Book, Sixth Printing copyright 1963 by McCall Corporation. Published by Random House, Inc.

A few more properties to note:

Weight: light weight, with silk-like hand

Ease of Use: It has a noticeable twill on the fabric and wrinkles easily. Underlining can help to prevent wrinkling, as well as to prevent slipping at the seams. Some have a tendency to water spot.

Uses: ties, dresses, and furnishings

Care: Silk is dry clean only. Polyester, and rayon surah are machine washable

Price: no known source

Next up ...jacquard

For more on the dress pattern i'm using and for previous fabric posts start here.

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