Overcoming Fears

I feel like the luckiest mom alive today. My little girl has a sense of adventure, and it's rubbing off on me.

So we decided to go the Seattle Aquarium, and as we walked across the parking lot towards the pier, my daughter says she wants to go on the big Ferris wheel she sees in the distance. I hesitated for a second, thinking about how I should save this moment for the whole family, but I said "YES!". And I am so glad I embraced that moment and said yes. We skipped down the pier towards the Great Wheel, with huge smiles on our face. Excitement was emanating from our every pore. I could barely keep her at my side while we waited in line to purchase tickets, she wanted on that Wheel.

Well a short wait later, we made it on the wheel, in our very own little carriage, just the two of us.  It was quiet, and made me very nervous hanging so high above the Seattle skyline by a string. Our little carriage rocked slightly back and forth and my heart skipped and pounded in my chest... almost nearing an anxiety attack. -- But with a huge smile on my face I started to sing "You are My Sunshine" to calm my nerves, and so my daughter couldn't see how nervous I was on the inside.

She was un-phased.

She hung over the edge of her seat, looking down at the water, fearless. All the while, I wanted to grab her back away from the window, to safety in my arms... but I was not in control of that carriage.

A ride like this would not have scared me 4 years ago. I did jump out of an airplane, and bungee jump not too many years ago. And I rock climbed in college. So where did all this fear of heights come from?  From bringing a person into the world, the overwhelming sense of responsibility I feel for her.

Enjoy a fearless, adventurous day!



  1. It is remarkable what we will do for our children...and how much strength we can draw from them for ourselves when needed!

    1. It certainly is! Thank you for your comment.