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Hi there! Continuing on my series on fabric properties, today's post is about shantung. I am doing this series to gain more expertise in textiles, and more importantly to help me pick the fabric to use for my new vintage dress pattern Advance 9441.  Here we go, on to shantung research…

A rough silk in a plain weave which has large irregular filling yarns which give it a slubbed effect. Cotton and rayon are often used to simulate this fabric.

McCall’s Sewing Book, Sixth Printing copyright 1963 by McCall Corporation. Published by Random House, Inc.

 Silk shantung is a lighter and smoother alternative to silk Dupioni. Although it still has a slightly striated surface due to the raw silk it is woven with, it is very subtle, and hardly noticeable. 

This green vintage dress found on Etsy is gorgeous. I found a forest green polyester shantung fabric at Fashion Fabrics Club but this one looks a little grey, it's tough to tell shopping online, I love the polka dot fabric too. Help! Where can I find that green??

A few more properties to note: 

Weight: medium weight– silk, heavy weight – polyester/rayon.

Ease of Use: All seams should be finished, as the fabric will fray. Common seam finishes for Silk Shantung include French seams and overlocked seams. Use a silk needle when sewing Silk Shantung, to prevent snagging the fabric

Uses: Evening wear, skirts, bridal gowns, jackets, and cocktail dresses

Care: Silk is dry clean only. Polyester, and rayon shantung are machine washable

$34.49/yard for 100% silk
$5.25-$11.00/yard for rayon/polyester blend
$5.75-$12.00/yard for 100% rayon
$5.75-12.00/yard for 80% cotton, 20% silk
$9.00/yd for 100% polyester

Check out my Pinterest board for a few shops offering this fabric.

Next up ... surah

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